from by Vengeance



you talk a lot of shit
but you never get it done
sometimes i try to hear you
but you think that you're the only one
still standing up

but we can see the fucking truth

sometimes i want to argue
but i keep it to myself instead
let you be yourself
in a world where all you do is pretend

you talk and talk and noone comprehends a word you fucking say
in one ear and out the other every single day
living like a child in your world of fantasy
your abusive lifestyle fucking offends me

you talk about your family, your 'friends until the end'
but you don't fucking recognize the message that you send
your fake fucking crew is a total fucking joke
brought to life by elitism and the words you fucking spoke

can't take them back

i see through your fucking shit
you hide behind your fucking friends

can't take them back


from Demo 2013, released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Vengeance New Jersey

Jersey Shore Hardcore.

Members have played in Charge, Spirit, Floorpunch, Blacklisted, Reign Supreme.

Influenced by Straight Ahead, The Bad Brains, Negative Approach, Raw Deal, Outburst, The Cro-Mags, Judge, Breakdown.
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